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Default Re: Taiwan Tie Dan aka Naught Egg aka Iron Egg

Originally Posted by dudu^gao
wah..the recipe in chinese (traditional) very simplified one or can translate?? i also hope to make out the eggs and try it out
helo dudu found another receipe
try this, i translate for you but i din try, if not nice dun blame me
1. 蛋煮熟撥殼
>> hardboil the eggs and peel them

2. 蛋放入鍋中加水、醬油、八角、冰糖、五香粉、蔥、薑片、蒜,煮30-60分鐘撈出
>> put eggs in pot, add water, soysauce, star anise, rock sugar, five spices (the five spices : prickly ash, star aniseed, cinnamon, clove and fennel), onion, ginger, garlic. cook for 30 - 60 mins.

3. 蛋置於竹簍或淺盤內,放在通風處風乾,風乾後再滷30-60分鐘,再取出風乾,
>> place the cooked eggs in a shallow dish and set the dish in a airy place to dry. After the eggs are dried, put them back to the brine(the one in point 2) to cook again for another 30 - 60 muns, take them out to air again.
Repeat the process of cooking and airing for another 6 times. The more times repeated, the tastier the eggs, the chewier the skin.

dudu, if u r successful, must 請我們吃 huh!
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