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  1. can some1 translate this to english ?
  2. (Demo Thread) What is Keeptouch Answer?
  3. Why does coffee make me sleepy?
  4. What is "backdooring" in DotA?
  5. verification code for wat ?
  6. pretty chatline operators
  7. Hosting Auctions?
  8. how to ger rid of ants in hdb flat?
  9. How to get rid of lizards
  10. Where to find a good martials art school?
  11. Solar energy for our house. Where received more info?
  12. Why & how S'pore get visa exemption for so many countries?
  13. Bread expire by one or few day, can still be eaten?
  14. PrePaid card roaming calls and sms
  15. Can do bank transfer from 1 service to another?
  16. Visa and Mastercard
  17. how to clean a zinc bag
  18. HTC Touch
  19. Estimated travel time for 151e
  20. looking for a long lost friend
  21. How to get to Alexandra Techno Park
  22. hanyu pinyin name to dialect name
  23. photography location at east..
  24. Wat is this song Name?
  25. 剑断江湖 - 1989
  26. Whats the difference between a "Full system scan" and a "Deep system scan"?
  27. State/Province/Region
  28. what this song?
  29. NYP medical examination?
  30. will my hp battery / hp spoil?
  31. Mock exams paper- M5, M9 and M8
  32. need help!!urgent
  33. electricial
  34. Syrup Drink
  35. Which Private Uni is better for Business courses?
  36. Shop Rental
  37. Where to get metal engravement (ring) done?
  38. chee cheong fun = pig intestine powder ?
  39. Where to get button press?
  40. taiwan drama 爱
  41. How to connect an old dvd player to a lcd monitor?
  42. know any lobang that looking for camp trainer?
  43. marketing help!
  44. NTUC Royal VKB cookware
  45. Where to get cool Macbook Cases?
  46. What to do after PSLE?
  47. Where to find those old school playground?
  48. Booking driving test appointment
  49. urgent..!! pls answer..!!
  50. Help me do Questions :)
  51. Night out tv adv. what theme song?
  52. Employee said she wants to complain to MOM
  53. routed screw
  54. Do you know of a safe kids internet site?
  55. How do you preserve your mother tongue?
  56. Cheated, Mistreated, Conned Commercially
  57. What if i am accused of theft that i didnt do?
  58. This house believes that crimes committed in the past should be forgotten.
  59. From where do i get stuff for men/guys?
  60. What was the most embarrassing situation u had been in ?
  61. have you heardhard of t
  62. have you heard of it
  63. Which is your favorite brand of watch?
  64. Which was the last Live performance that u attended..?
  65. does giving liberate the soul
  66. list them down
  67. do you know of any
  68. do u know??
  69. do you know of the organizations
  70. When was the last time u saw a celebrity (Live)?
  71. Does this help in any way??
  72. do you think you can change the society
  73. the celebrities who were involved
  74. Every good act is charity
  75. Whats the Colour of the Favourite Tee-Shirt?
  76. brand membership cards
  77. Any pacifier cleaner for baby?
  78. things that will support the needy
  79. Where to buy Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar in Singapore?
  80. gifts
  81. frame or participate ?
  82. shopping for Rakhi
  83. what are your views ....
  84. what are your ideas for Rakhi gifts
  85. Is your idea strong enough?
  86. how will you contribute towards the society
  87. upload and win
  88. Guess what?
  89. India- has a huge chunk of untapped resources
  90. is India a super power?
  91. clicking pictures
  92. Amazing wallpapers!!!!!!
  93. facebook status updates
  94. delightful gifts for delightful pictures
  95. Say Thank You..!
  96. delightfully happy pictures
  97. latest velvet fabric !!!!!!!
  98. are you expressive
  99. Patchwork curtains !!!!
  100. capture your delighful expression
  101. Contrast cushions??
  102. unending corruption in India
  103. are you ready to lead
  104. can you help me out ??
  105. do you recollect the lessons
  106. can you sort this out ??
  107. What do u favor?
  108. small apartment great furnishings !!!
  109. After how long??
  110. can you resist this !!
  111. what goes best?
  112. Eager to make a change
  113. Where to sell this?
  114. What do you think?
  115. shirts look good if teamed with
  116. check this out!!!!
  117. Is there really nothing?
  118. how do i get this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  119. Does it depend..?
  120. share your ideas
  121. your idea of style
  122. Can someone help me?
  123. ideas which are effective
  124. how important is this!!
  125. shop this festive season
  126. voice your ideas
  127. what to wear
  128. can you suggest something
  129. shopping for ethnic wear
  130. India's view
  131. Do you consider..?
  132. gifts for boyfriend
  133. Biggboss4
  134. sports
  135. who is your idol
  136. What do u look out for..?
  137. can you sort this out ??
  138. who will be the lucky ones
  139. talking on the phone can be injurious
  140. have you ever been ditched
  141. On a weekend...
  142. is shopping fun
  143. ideal time interval
  144. How was the experience..?
  145. The Advantages of Official Microsoft and Cisco Certification Training Courses
  146. what's perfect according to you
  147. Health benefits..?
  148. Which category do you fall in to ??
  149. Why Should You Get Microsoft And Cisco Certification?
  150. shopping for Diwali
  151. How To of CompTIA Exams
  152. Have you ever tried..
  153. An Overview of CompTIA A+ Core Exams
  154. Aurangabad
  155. Complete Details About CompTIA A+ Essential Practice Examination
  156. How do you select..?
  157. Exams Involved in CCIE Certification Program
  158. What You Need to Know About CCIE Certification Exams
  159. MCTS Exams and More Details About the Certification Program
  160. How to Prepare For the Oracle Certification 1Z0-042 Exam
  161. Tips for Preparation of MCSE Certification Exams
  162. 132-S-715.2 Exam - The Best Way to Succeed in Your Career
  163. All About Risk Management certification
  164. The first word that comes to your mind..?
  165. Cisco CCNP Certification Training Tutorial: The New 642-825 ISCW CCNP Exam
  166. A Step by Step Guide for Preparing A+ Certification
  167. What do you visit the mall most often for?
  168. CompTIA's Certification Exam SY0-201
  169. Searching for universal remote...
  170. Do you like shopping in malls ?
  171. Hot Sale Cheap GHD Straighteners,GHD Hair Straight
  172. one n half month cheap short term lodging needed
  173. Want To Last Longer?
  174. What is the most creative way ??
  175. Traffic Police Practical Test
  176. Build your own website
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  210. Do you think this is good?
  211. The best bikes in the world
  212. What do you use Twitter for?
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  236. Making things out of steel
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