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  1. G-String gals @ workplace?
  2. What's your occupation?
  3. Needs Advise & Comments !!!
  4. Working in art or design field?
  5. Monday blues!!! Sianzzz ah!
  6. Finally FRIDAY!!!
  7. Saturday at work.
  8. It's Tuesday
  9. TGIWednesday.....
  10. Hey Hey.... It's Thursday....
  11. Pantry auntie...
  12. Working in Jurong Island
  13. How to write a resignation letter? - *MERGED THREAD*
  14. Gross Salary Survey!~
  15. SAF retrenching ppl meh?
  16. Has Our Government Done anything to Reduce the Jobless Rate?
  17. Zuo bo lan in office
  18. Government Sector
  19. How well is your company welfare?
  20. f***ing manager????
  21. 2 years no increment...
  22. When is your pay day?
  23. Was I too harsh?
  24. bored from monday, relax urself
  25. How to be a good team leader???
  26. Bonus & increment
  27. will those ppl working in censorship board be out of job...
  28. Story of Job Recognition
  29. Promotion .....
  30. Meeting deadlines
  31. Stupid Boss?
  32. When exactly should i resign ?
  33. Who to please in the Office?
  34. attachment students .. share your experience
  35. Resign Soon
  36. this shall make u more frustrated .. keke
  37. AppointMent LeTTer??
  38. ever worked with kids????
  39. Annual Staff Function
  40. Sleepiness at work~~~
  41. How to politely reject colleagues who rely heavily on you?
  42. ManaGement & Technical ppl??
  43. contact staff... share ur view here....
  44. anyone monitoring their invesment during working times ?
  45. My fren at work.....
  46. Current bank interest rates really so low.. working like hell
  47. Are colleagues just colleagues?
  48. Salary for Contract staff
  49. SIA Interview
  50. bad appraisal
  51. Change of job??
  52. Post your office pixs here!
  53. The 5 elements (Wu Xing)
  54. signing on?
  55. Cover Letter for many Post
  56. Job Hopper Are U ? Or Just Suay ?
  57. Cannot find a job = Too high Expectations Or Economy Really bad ?
  58. Does ur boss give u ang pow?
  59. Raining = Late for work???
  60. Good colleagues????
  61. work dress code
  62. Wat Reasons????
  63. Office Ethnical Question (Be Honest!)
  64. Threatening to leave
  65. Ask to Leave!!!
  66. Should you let your new colleague know all the dark side of the work?
  67. Questions to ask before joining new job
  68. How to be a good team leader?
  69. Interview Tips
  70. when would prospective employer contact previous employer for reference?
  71. Resignation Notice
  72. Pre-employment checkup
  73. 1 in 5 polygrads can find only part-time work
  74. Will you scold your boss?
  75. Current and Expected salary...
  76. To bond or not to bond?
  77. Resignation Thingy
  78. Tests for jobs
  79. What would you guys do if your wallet is dry b4 payday?
  80. guys usually can't do paperwork?
  81. Discover what job suits you best!!!
  82. kaypo colleagues
  83. Income Tax Info for New Taxpayers
  84. Commercial divers
  85. Message to all employers.
  86. Do you like to work with older ppl?
  87. Seems like AIA is starting a employment campaign
  88. Benefits in Cash and In Kind.
  89. career n future n goals
  90. Help me in a Survey people !
  91. when then will i make enough money
  92. Music At Work?
  93. dun like the face how.......
  94. Time n place for holidaY...
  95. What is your cure for a workaholic ?
  96. Geng Ot ?
  97. How much do you give to your parents per month?
  98. Those working class come in.
  99. Help!! Need ur Help....
  100. My frenz needs help...
  101. Cheap Labour.
  102. Do u remember the pay of ur first official job ?
  103. L@@king for j@b
  104. recommend suitable companies for SIP
  105. Cover Letter???
  106. How much money do you think is enough for you?
  107. Phone Call
  108. Probation...
  109. SIA Air Stewardess
  110. Too much time on the computer?
  111. whats the starting pay of a pre school teacher?
  112. Challenging VS 'Sing Nang' job
  113. Zero tolerancE policy.?..
  114. Being appreciated and not.....
  115. In 5 years down the road.......
  116. What do you wear to work?
  117. Money money money!!!!!!
  118. Money Not eNough
  119. How to make your job enjoyable?
  120. Sigh..for money?
  121. Should I change jobs?
  122. Depressed cos of my executive
  123. Should i follow up with the interviewer?
  124. Title will make a difference
  125. Depress of Work Environment
  126. Work undone?
  127. thread for all ppl hu working as temp now...
  128. Sales & Marketing Executive
  129. Your monthly gross salary
  130. Past, Present, Future
  131. Which is better : to be a employer or a employee
  132. Executive/Manager what is the diff ?
  133. shift work = no Life?
  134. How long do you take to reach office?
  135. Stuck up ppl in the office.....
  136. Off-day..wat you do??
  137. What is the longest hrs that you stayed back to do OT.
  138. Ssnakers Chatters History 2
  139. hi i would like 2 noe more abt both occupation please
  140. Sorry!
  141. Anyone holding their dream job right now?
  142. Which clinic your company sends you to?
  143. Nametag
  144. Think too highly of urself.......
  145. Network marketing recruitment drive
  146. Qualities of good boss/ colleagues / job ?
  147. Which is better if you have to choose?
  148. so saD...=(...colleague resigning...
  149. How long for you to earn $4000?
  150. Do you take private bus to work?
  151. Time spent on forum during work
  152. Resignation Notice - Give Longer or As Required?
  153. Push Cart rental charge
  154. When you hear one good collegue/ ex collegue wanna quit.
  155. How many more times of Interviews I must go to change my job!!
  156. Any engineers here?
  157. How much extra, each month would make a difference to you?
  158. how far would you travel for work?
  159. Missing Colleague?
  160. How much do you like your current job?
  161. Advise me pls!!!
  162. Should I or Shouldn't I
  163. nd enlightenment.How to apply for teaching???
  164. Any Salesperson here?
  165. FOB or CIF better (if u buying)
  166. Resign but I need to take 1 week overseas inside
  167. How u guys will reject your boss when he ask for your mobile phone #?
  168. Model of a Modern Corporation Organization
  169. Shld I take up this Job Offer
  170. Letter of Appointment
  171. Dealing with comments on office wear
  172. Credit Notes & Debit Notes
  173. What is Marketing?
  174. How many days of paid annual leave do you enjoy?
  175. Part time job
  176. What you guys think of Network MArketing?
  177. hOw mani Days of MC r u all entitled to take?
  178. Interview
  179. how many of u dozed off on your chair before during work?
  180. Caught surfing web?
  181. Any ultimate guide to conquer office politics?
  182. Given a choice, would u chose to have a desk bound job, or not?
  183. Sianz of being a follower...
  184. Shift Work???
  185. Fresh Poly or ITE grads Wanted- Contract
  186. Big Shit!
  187. R & D secTor?
  188. Any regular Job hopper here...?...
  189. Do u look for other jobs while u still holding on to current one?
  190. Advice for a new Job (switching again)
  191. Wage reform: still a way to go
  192. Good looks == better chances of landing a job?
  193. How long do take to resign & what are the reasons for leaving?
  194. How wld u entertain/amuse urself...
  195. Homecoming blues
  196. Interview
  197. Problem
  198. will you stay???
  199. Juz received an email frm my HR Manager stating.....
  200. aNY weird Bans imposed by ur company?
  201. Culture Difference
  202. Job Agencies
  203. First Day of work
  204. S'poreans upbeat on economy but fear losing their jobs
  205. Me nd help.
  206. recovering and yet retrenchment
  207. Which will u choose?
  208. What shall i do?
  209. Working in a software house
  210. Wat to say ar?
  211. Shld I contact them?
  212. Feeling sianz~
  213. Experts, consultants, advisers invited, immediate payment.
  214. is degree very important to get jobs?
  215. lunch mates
  216. Are you honest in job interview?
  217. Anyone in automobile sales?
  218. Interview question
  219. How do you find your current job?
  220. Contract Job
  221. Does Coporate sales exc have gd basic and high commission salary?
  222. BAD Colleague vs GREAT Friend ?
  223. Ladies Bosses No Good?
  224. thank you note aft interview
  225. How do you stay self-motivated to go to work?
  226. if there suddenly mass-resignation in your company?
  227. Anyone here work in OSim, T.A.K.A or OtO b4?
  228. Chao Keng MC...
  229. Meaning of Work??
  230. Do you post or email resume to apply for jobs ?
  231. which route will u choose?..
  232. Boycott by colleagues In other dept..=(
  233. emotional experiences at work??
  234. First day workin...
  235. Resume (For those taking courses)
  236. Stress Management!
  237. speed n quality of wOrk can't come together?
  238. CPF:what is the catch?
  239. R u waiting for Bonu$$$?
  240. How to handle office politics?
  241. During Interviews
  242. best fren/colleague claiming credit for a job well done
  243. we have trouble coming up with our worker's pay.
  244. OUt of job scope
  245. No Off Days..
  246. Handover
  247. Wonder should I quit my job in civil service.
  248. Stressed and worried even before starting work...
  249. Procrastination, how do u handle it?
  250. CPA (Certified Public Accountant)