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  1. A girl so special in your life
  2. How to propose to a girl?????
  3. Would U GiveUp Ur Relationship for Work,Money,Religion,Family,Friends?
  4. how to attract a guy? guy wad attracts u most of a ger? her boobs???
  5. Do you mind if ur partner is a divorced?
  6. gals going after guys....good or bad???
  7. Do u still maintain ur veri close friendship with ur ex bf/gf?
  11. Bf older dan u by a good ten over yrs
  12. my bf say he dun luv me anymore
  13. Gifts/Presents Ideas For Your Love Ones on Birthdays/Christmas/Anniversary/Valentine
  14. Women Never Meant What They Say....
  15. Do u mind if ur gf wear little?
  16. MARRIAGE IS...
  17. Some Girls Prefer GUys to hav a white complexion rather than dark one?
  18. Ideas & Places to go for Dates
  20. I Love You in 100 Languages
  21. Still friend... after break-up...
  23. How picky u are?
  24. someone said .. absence makes the heart fonder or ponder ?
  26. How do u call your partner?
  27. grand or informal???
  28. Ur Preference In Your Gf/bf Hair Length
  29. Baby talk...
  30. wat kind of bf is this?
  31. Who will you choose as ur wife?
  32. Your boy/girl fren is from?
  33. Anyone Had Touching Love SMS??
  34. Once in Love...4eva in Love
  35. here for the guys....
  36. How much does Virginity means to U?
  37. Do u ppl hav bf/gf who always forgets wat u tell or mention to them b4?
  38. Why Do Men Dun Wanna Tok?
  39. The ART of Flirting??
  40. How can you have Charisma?
  41. Differences Between Men and Women
  42. Merged : R u suffering from depression?
  43. Help!!!
  44. Platonic relationships
  45. Partner Shld Share Same Interests Or Complement What U Lack In Ur Life ?
  46. be frenz aft break up
  47. it's really tough being a guy
  48. Who feel toking to net fren is better than toking to real fren?
  49. Different Religions?
  50. Can u accept ur bf or gf if they once cheated you?
  51. gals, would you jump...?
  52. If a guy is not rich, will u consider him to b your bf?
  53. Are we in a relationship?
  54. Is Teasing Healthy?
  55. to love or be loved?
  56. TO GAL: wiLL u ever thiNk of "bao" ing a Guy?
  57. aM i too sensitive? or is my jealousy too strong?
  58. cAn u aCcEpt iT???
  59. being taken things for granted
  60. Touching Korean Show
  61. y my mum lidat one............................................... ........
  62. ways to forget abt someone
  63. Too much to forgive?
  64. 最新求婚14招
  65. are u sum1 hu will rather spend ur $ on ur loved one instead of urself?
  66. Friendship question
  67. Just curious? Have this happen to you?
  68. How to know a girl (stranger) on street or at work like u
  69. ever felt ur grades more important than u?
  71. Types of Clear and Confirm hints For Rejection
  72. Do u believe in love at first sight in irc?
  73. Will you ever be with a married person?
  74. need advice lor
  75. are s'porean women too demanding??
  76. What X'mas present are u buying for ur love??
  77. Wat would u do if u were me?
  78. desperate or no skill?
  79. GifT for CSM?
  80. New contrast in 2004??
  81. Death Spot??
  82. come share share with us...
  83. new couple ring
  84. Cool pick up lines
  85. i'm going crazy....
  86. Singapore guys not romantic but...
  87. -A guy and ger after a while.. will they ... ???
  88. i want to complain ..grrr!!!
  89. when is it the time?
  90. A complicated scenario to share..
  91. is singaporean more open minded or it has been like this for long and i din noe?
  92. I'm getting paranoid?
  93. Sacrifice of Love
  94. love seed.
  95. Guardian Angel
  96. Single Lady with Married Man
  97. I need help!
  98. need some advice or help...
  99. What's Chemistry???
  100. Vexed
  101. Have this ever happen to you b4??
  102. How ? Help me... pls
  103. ~Would U Still Lend~
  104. how to stop my 2 bro fr kicking soccer at HOME?
  105. take a break.
  106. i dont trust men
  107. who to choose?
  108. something abt feelings.....
  109. Please Help My Friend!!
  110. Sleeping around...
  111. Older Gal (lady) more attractive then younger one??
  112. A friend in Need....
  113. Any Treatment You Give In A Relationship Will Receive A Mirror Effect?
  114. What Should I Do?
  115. tire.. breathless...
  116. when there is no security in a relationship, it will not work
  117. how to see if ur bf is going for sex or u?
  118. sumtimes i wish i could cut myself into half...
  119. The Old Phone
  120. Pls help mi!
  121. Greatest turnoffs?
  122. The Tale of Love and Madness
  123. Spicy or non-spicy :D
  124. hmm meaning?
  125. amulet
  126. Will ugly and shy person be single forever
  127. y are guys (gers too?) lidat...?
  128. Wats the most touching thing yr best friend did for u?
  129. No romance, will die.
  130. When do u start having a BF/GF?
  131. Self stabbing...
  132. The Dos And Donts For All Zodiac Signs
  133. Wats the most touching thing u did for yr friend or any1?
  134. Cope with problem??
  135. Do u all believe in everlasting love?
  136. JOO CHiaT again!! neighBour RelatiOnship SOURED Yet again!
  137. How do u define flings?
  138. What to do....?
  139. if u r granted 1 wish for yr frd wat would it b?
  140. FloWers Any??
  141. if yr best frd is leaving u forever.wat would u do..for him or her b4 he or she leave
  142. do u believe in everlasting friendship like the type in LOTR?
  143. If u r single now.Wat do u think is the most important thing for u to find yr luv 1?
  144. need help
  145. what guy look for their ideal partener?
  146. Why both love each's other but can't be together?
  147. how to know he/she still likes u or not??
  148. Where do single guys & gals meet?
  149. How your bf/gf woo you?
  150. do adults always think this waY?
  151. gals, would you consider?
  152. The Art of Concern??
  153. how to reject
  154. Question:If gals look for 5Cs.. What do Guys look for..?
  155. The Fundamentals of Love
  156. Will you like someone via online or live?
  157. R u a beri stuborn person?
  158. Personal impression - dies it matter??
  159. ~Do U Prefer Ur Partners To be Dependent Or Independent?~
  160. why become like this??
  161. Sunshine or Rain?
  162. Falling again.
  163. would it be wise to....
  164. will you accept a overseas new job when u n ur new stead jus got together?
  165. sPicE uP uR vALenTinE's dAY....
  166. have like dun have, dun have like have.
  167. what will you do if
  168. Insecure...
  169. Do it for LuV & liVe Without Regrets
  170. What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
  171. Calling BGR people.. [SMS]
  172. Souring between best friends
  173. Very confuse...
  174. Signals Of The End
  175. nv reply my sms..haiz
  176. where to find gd guys?
  177. Test
  178. IF u Break wif Mi, i wiLL..
  179. Love Letter: What would you write about?
  180. This is the true meaning of Happiness
  181. 朋友,你相信缘分吗?
  182. some advice if possible
  183. A short story of a gal i'm going after.
  184. Long standing relationships
  185. Imagine this
  186. Self Devastation/Destruction
  187. Do u talk to urself ?
  188. Love Calculator
  189. How to be Happy ?
  190. yah yah, he's always right, i'm always wrong!!!!!!!!!!!
  191. Betrayal
  192. Fate or Coincidence
  193. A Relationship-Height Question
  194. Your best fren
  195. Merged Valentine's Day~~Chat (No Restriction)
  196. V'Day
  197. how likely?
  198. let's share ur views wit mi....
  199. re: v day
  200. going steady
  201. Gals...does your bf control what u wear??....Guys...do u control what your gf wear??
  202. To forgive or not?
  203. To forgive or not???
  204. Asking For Numbers
  205. wat will you do?
  206. Should I give up this relationship? Pls Advise...
  207. 沒有愛情的生活會是...
  208. Friends...
  209. should student from a good school haf BGR with a neighbourhood school???
  210. BGR in IRC
  211. Any good Florist for online ordering of Rose ?
  212. Sticky, sticky ?
  213. do u hav a real fren?
  214. Does Ur BF/GF control u???
  215. staring into ur eyes....
  216. What u gonna buy this year?
  217. bf hu pays for everything when goin out...?
  218. Who Will U ChooSe..??
  219. which part to kiss....
  220. Attach/Not Attached
  221. What have you recieved for your valentine's day present?
  222. Hello All
  223. Jst Ros
  224. Dating an older gal....
  225. 你最爱的人,最爱你的人 ???
  226. 你和你的另一半有夫妻脸吗?
  227. Any one noes where to buy nice Vdae Cake??
  228. Friend's betrayal/Nemesis become friends
  229. Secrets
  230. Should you know that person (him/her) well enough before plunging into a r/s ?
  231. Love Story
  232. Crushes, to tell or not to tell?
  233. Internet Dating?
  234. Gift wrapping????
  235. What is the Largest Bouquet of flowers u've received/given??
  236. e one who love u most?? or e one whom u love most??
  237. what have u received for vday?
  238. Will u put ur happiness in his or her hands?
  239. Go where for anniversaries
  240. What would u do if u went for a date u dun intend to continue?
  241. Giving / Receiving flowers...is it a waste of money?
  242. R u contented with yr current life????
  243. Is it basic courtesy to reply the other party back?
  244. Love me, Love my hamster...
  245. 人言可畏
  246. Would U????
  247. Remain As Friends?
  248. Will couples with the same character be hard to get along?
  249. how do u define beauty?
  250. The meaning of ring on diff finger